What is it?

Theatre is ephemeral. Theatre is live.
But as hundreds of productions, workshops, and readings across the country and the world are cancelled or postponed, we are suddenly forced to ask ourselves:

What do we make of the scraps of lost works?

As theatre artists, we have all made a sacrifice for the greater good. These cancellations and postponements are part of our civic responsibility. They are necessary to save an untold number of lives, including those vulnerable among our own community. Yet our loss is real.

Lost Works: What Could Have Been is an in memoriam to all of the projects that will no longer come to fruition. This series is a collective cry of anguish. It is a howl of rage. It is an archive. It is a beacon of hope for the world to come, as we will envision it together.

In a moment that feels so scary, so largely our of our control, uplifting our craft is one small thing we can do. As we are being urged to isolate ourselves and exist in separation, let’s gather in this digital space and mourn our lost works, celebrate our artistry, and share our communal experiences.

Just because we can’t share physical space doesn’t mean we can’t be together.

We hope you’ll join us. 

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