To create Lost Works, we need you, our community.

How would you pay tribute to the work you’ve lost during this time? It could be big or small. Entire productions have been lost, but so have lovingly sewn garments that will never be worn on their intended body, intricately crafted moments of stage magic that will never ignite their moment of wonder, and so much more. The entirety of what could have been can’t be recreated, but a tiny piece of it can be captured.

The tributes can take the form of a two-minute video, a hundred-word micro-essay, a poem, a rendering, or some other creative expression. Together, we can build a collage that expresses the vastness of our collective artistic grief, and an archive for the future.

To submit, please fill out the form below. If your submission includes image, video, or audio, send that file separately to You can also email us there with any questions or comments.

Share your lost work

Please email creative content for post directly to us at If possible, please include an image to be featured with your post.

We look forward to celebrating your Lost Works!

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